Road logistics in Finland

Our bulk logistics services provide industrial and commercial customers with bulk goods transportation, warehousing and planning services in partnership.

Cooperation and partnerships are key in our operations. We build individual solutions together with the client that work flexibly and efficiently for both goods and raw materials transportation. In domestic road transport, our customers have a nationwide network of modern, safe and efficient vehicles at their disposal. Transport planning is an integral part of our domestic road transport services. Domestic road transports can also be linked to flexible rail transport, as well as international road transportation. These can additionally be combined with a range of additional added value services.

Transport planning

Production planning is based on good advance knowledge in order to manage daily fluctuating transport and timetable requirements. Our consignment and freight planning is based on a modern system in which the data from the customer company are processed for daily operations. The delivery chain is part of a global process which has sought to eliminate overlapping functions and simplify operations as much as possible. Our transport planners plan daily approximately 550 freight transports going to all parts of Finland.

An entrepreneur-based transport and storage network

Contract carriers are valuable assets for VR Transpoint operations. Long-term carrier contracts and a large network of operators ensure quality and continuity. VR Transpoint always uses contractors who fully meet the obligations specified in the current Contractor’s Liability Act. For contract carrier-related contact, please use the form here.